What makes the Dallas Cowboys America’s team?

The NFL is one of the most watched televised sports franchises in the country; which may mean that every team is America’s team, right? Wrong. Airing the team with the big blue and silver star on the helmet could prove to entice more viewers each Sunday, Monday and Thursday night.

What may be the standards of having the title of “America’s Team” in the United States? you may ask. Possibly having a strong fan base across the US, or maybe the look of the poised cheerleaders on the sideline? Depending on how influential your hometown team is, the answer to this question could vary.

In 1960, the Dallas Cowboys franchise was established upon the customs and precedents that Americans were yearning for. The idea that the team is centered around a cowboy signified the safety sheriff that America idolized. Maybe it was a Texan concept or maybe it was an American concept, but this team proved to be ground-breaking in both realms.

“Perhaps because the Cowboys always seem to outperform every other team in merchandise sales is on the cusp of the answer,” bleacherreport.com said in an article with a discussion of the Cowboy’s franchise. “Some feel the term came from the legions of Cowboys fans throughout every city, or the huge TV ratings. Others think the designation derived from the ‘Everything’s big in Texas’ attitude,” Barry Shuck said in the article.

What persists to make this team great is deeper than the contributions of the athletes themselves.”

John Facenda aired a 1978 highlight film on ESPN that coined the name “America’s Team” to associate with the Dallas Cowboys and ever since, the nation has stuck with it. During this time highlight films, that appeared annually, summarized the NFL teams with detailed observations to entice viewers.

“They appear on television so often that their faces are as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team,” John Facenda said.

Legacy of wealth within the franchise may also contribute to how the Dallas Cowboys became “America’s team”. The Cowboy’s net worth doesn’t always entail all of what the team possesses, but wealth can attribute to what the team’s potential could be. Current owner, Jerry Jones, acquired the Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million dollars and has since helped to create a 4.2 billion dollar franchise.

“The National Football League is the most powerful sports league in the world, with lucrative broadcast contracts that are unmatched, landing 29 teams among the 50 most valuable sports franchises for the second straight year. American football team, Dallas Cowboys, valued at $4.8 billion, up 14% from $4.2 billion last year, remain the most valuable sports franchise in the world for the third consecutive year,” forbes.com said in a article acknowledging the world’s most valuable sports teams.

“But the notion of the Cowboys as America’s Team has never been a superiority complex. It is a welcoming idea. Cowboys fans can come from anywhere. They have such widespread appeal that fans from all over the country go out of their way to root for the team. “Nothing could be more American than that.” 247sports.com states in a recent article.

Statistically, the Cowboys should not have the head seat at the table. Several NFL teams have proven to have won the most Super Bowl championships, or possess the most valuable players consistently. The franchise simply helps to reinforce the continuous patriotism that radiates from the team. The dedicated fans provide intense support that makes each game feel like the Cowboys are playing on their beloved home field in the AT&T stadium. What persists to make this team great is deeper than the contributions of the athletes themselves.