The bonding of a teenager and music

Over the years, music has become a huge element in the lives of teenagers. Whether it’s driving in a car alone, or hanging out with a group of friends, teenagers listen to music in most everyday situations. In this society, teenagers have discovered a variety of genres that exude various emotions into their lifestyles.

Every genre has its own popular topics. For example, country music voices trucks and women, disco music voices singing and dancing, and so on. The topic that a song is about, as well as its rhythm and tone, is very influential in the mood of its listener.

Uplifting music makes a listener let go of stress. For example, reggae is a genre that is relaxing, yet lively. Also, a few of its most popular topics are love, life and peace. Both of these elements of music, its subject matter and the tone, are incorporated into the teenager’s mood and emotions while they listen to music to make them feel good.

On the other end, songs about heartbreak and pessimism are very prevalent in today’s hits. Most recently, alternative and rap genres have become a gateway for artists to write about drug abuse, weapon-usage and various topics embracing despondency, that is, loss of hope and courage. The effect of this type of music on a listener can be exceptionally negative, especially on teenagers who are sensitive to these topics or under stress.

Individuals choose to listen to music that they can relate to the most. Music is frequently used to emphasize celebration, but also is used as a way to get in touch with oneself.

Alanna Perrin, a senior at Wakefield High School, relates to musicals and pop music, but also occasionally listens to opera because it makes her laugh and because she can let her mind run into the lyrics within the songs. Perrin is greatly involved with music, as she is an active member in our school’s chorus, and she participates in many of our school plays here at Wakefield. Perrin explains her interests in music, like her favorite genres and artists.

“One of my favorite artists is Panic at the Disco, and they sing a lot about just having a good time and living in the moment,” Perrin said. “

They give me inspiration and help me unwind when I’m stressed ou”


When someone is in a bad mood and is choosing something to listen to that will make them feel better, they often do one of two things: Listen to music that is uplifting or listen to music that matches their mood. When someone chooses to listen to music that they can relate to, it helps them get in sync with themselves and really pinpoint what they are feeling.

Everyone asks themselves the same question when scrolling through their music library or flipping through records: What am I in the mood for right now?

Next time you find yourself asking this question, take your own feelings into deliberation, open up your mind, and maybe discover a genre, or even a specific artist, that you can relate to and that you will enjoy. Perrin pointed out the effects that she feels music has on a teenager.

“Sometimes music helps you cry, or if you are stressed out it helps you get loose and kind of dance and run around and be at ease,” Perrin said.