Writer’s Records Vol. 1: Coming of age

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Writer’s Records, Vol. One: Coming of age

As I speed through senior year and find myself coming closer and closer to adulthood, here are some songs about growing up and looking back that keep me company.

  1. “August”, No Vacation

“Truth is, I miss those summer days. Oh, the good ol days /

Can’t even find a second to catch my breath”

  1. “Two Slow Dancers”, Mitski

“It would be a hundred times easier if we were young again /

To think that we could stay the same”

  1. “Wildflowers”, Soccer Mommy

“Wildflowers don’t grow in the city. My heart turns gray and shriveled now. I want to be who I wasn’t. I want to dance in my field of blue, a child runnin’ for nothing”

  1. “Vacation”, Florist

“I don’t know how to be what I wanted to be when I was five / Bike rides, snow hikes, and Christmas lights / Sometimes freezing, sometimes warm / I don’t know if I can love that anymore / Maybe I just want to get married, or maybe I just want to fall asleep”

  1. “Grow”, Conan Gray

“I look about seventy years older / I made it out, it seems /

I think I’m ready to grow”

  1. “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home”, Declan McKenna

“I don’t know what I want, if I’m completely honest /

You don’t know how to give love to anyone / You don’t know how to pretend / You told your kids they’d live long forever / But the kids don’t wanna come home again”

  1. “Heat Wave”, Snail Mail

“I’m so tired of moving on / Spending every weekend so far gone /
Passing phases where you thin / Same old world that you’ve been sleeping in / And I hope it never spends you up / I’m feeling low, I’m not into sometimes”

  1. “How’s It Going to Be”, Third Eye Blind

“I wonder, is there anything I’m going to miss? /

I wonder how it’s gonna be when you don’t know me”

  1. “Colors”, The Head and the Heart

“I saw the colors fade away /

And it feels like a storm, but it’s all in your head”

  1. “Waves”, Chloe Moriondo

“Sometimes I wanna go back to a time before my mind was black /

I want you to help me from growing older / Just let me snot on your shoulder when all that I’m thinking about is her”

  1. “Don’t Cry, 2020”, COIN

“You’re so concerned about your future, yeah / But tomorrow’s just another day”

  1. “Mother”, Jerry Williams

“In a way, everything changes / Maybe for the better through the ages / I run through the rain in the town I was born / I need to get back to where I started / Mother, I don’t feel myself”

  1. “26”, Paramore

“Hold onto hope if you’ve got it / Don’t let it go for nobody / And they say that dreaming is free / But I wouldn’t care what it’d cost me / Reality will break your heart / Survival will not be the hardest part / It’s keeping your hopes alive”

  1. “How They Want Me To Be”, Best Coast

“I don’t wanna be how they want me to be”

  1. “Down the Line”, Beach Fossils

“Couldn’t really tell you what I’m trying to find / Everyone’s so boring / Make me want to lose my mind /

These days I feel like I do nothing right / So come with me and we’ll go down the line”

  1. “Dirt”, Snail Mail

“I’ve seen two open doors / And I can’t help but wonder what the second is for / I can’t tell myself anything / Even when it feels so seamless / Don’t get caught in the dirt /

It’s a weight and I feel it and it’s pressing down / And it won’t be for nothing, and it won’t stick around / If it is about anything that I can fix / Then I’ll see you on the other side if it really exists /

Let’s forget it now / Baby when I’m thirty, I’ll laugh about how dumb it felt”

  1. “Fractured and Dazed”, The Kooks

“In a world where we try to hurt each other / I know you feel bad / For what you did and how you recovered /

You’re so fractured and dazed / And if I was you, I’d have done the same”

  1. “Prom Song”, Surfer Blood

“You tell me things aren’t fair / Like I was unaware /

Something else is out there for me / I just can’t be bothered”

  1. “Mother & Father”, Broods

“I am getting older, and it’s starting to show /
It’s much harder to know / How to make my own life here / How to make my own home /

I don’t wanna wake up lonely / I don’t wanna just be fine / I don’t wanna keep on hoping”

  1. “Hopefulessness”, Courtney Barnett

“Take your broken heart / Turn it into art / Can’t take it with you /

Your vulnerability / Stronger than it seems / You know it’s okay to have a bad day”

  1. “4EVER”, Clairo

“You called me wondering why I changed or why I don’t look the same / Why I think so differently now / Is it ever gonna change? / Am I gonna feel this way forever? / Are you gonna be around for me to count on?”

  1. “Only a Moment”, Sunflower Bean

“It’s only a moment / You don’t have to hold it / In your hands /
You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”

  1. “In Undertow”, Alvvays

“When you get old and faded out / Will you want your friends? / What’s left for you and me?”

  1. “Keep Growing”, Camp Cope

“I never wanna do anything / Maybe I haven’t learned anything / I loved you more than anything /

But I’ll keep growing my hair out / I never wanna do anything even when you’re around / I’ll keep growing my hair out / It’s not for you”

  1. “Me & My Dog”, boygenius

“I never said I’d be all right / Just thought I could hold myself together / But I couldn’t breathe, I went outside / Don’t know why I thought it’d be any better / I’m fine now, it doesn’t matter /

I wish I was on a spaceship / Me and my dog and an impossible view”