Women’s golf team ends the season with a swing


Staff Photo by Abigail Mosher

Senior Ryanne Howard, focusses to put the ball into the hole.

Our Lady Wolverines stepped onto the soggy Wakefield Plantation greens on October 9, 2018, in hopes of finishing their golf season with a win at the annual Northern Athletic Conference Championship (NACC).  The design of the Wakefield course is challenging due to its thick rough, the taller grass that borders the course, and fast greens. Untimely weather seemed to increase the difficulty. Another obstacle that they conquered was the fact that they often play from men’s tees instead of the tees designed for women, meaning they play longer yardage.

“[The conference] was rough because it was rainy. I don’t think any of us played at our best, but we still made it through and won,” senior player Christine Lauture said.

Lauture made it into the 2018 Women’s Regional Golf Championship and placed third in the conference. She grew as a golfer this season and posted her best scores yet.

Staff Photo by Abigail Mosher
Senior, Kayla Rendall following through with that swing.

“I worked on my chipping more, and I feel like that’s made a big difference. I shot under 40 for the first time,” Lauture said.

The girls lived up to their reputation, despite weather challenges, winning the NACC for a fifth consecutive title at Wakefield.

The team as a whole worked diligently to get to regionals, honing in on their individual strengths and weaknesses. Carolyn Reitz, the women’s golf coach, commended Victoria Napolitano, a sophomore, on her work ethic this season.

“The most improved player was Victoria Napolitano,” Reitz said. “Her scores held us together. In spite of an injury, she kept fighting and played like she was on a mission for her team.” 

Though they dedicated many hours to practice, these girls have also made a point to spend time enjoying each other’s company and having fun. As a result, the team has created a close bond and formed great friendships that will be sustained over the years. Napolitano has found value in the treasured time they’ve spent together and hopes to continue this tradition next season.

Staff photo by Abigail Mosher
“We decided we would go up to the club for lunch, just for some team bonding,” Napoletano said. “Hopefully [we] get more girls on the team because three of our seniors are leaving. [I look forward to] getting as close with those girls as we are now.”

Charlotte (Lottie) Fox accomplished the best score this season; an astounding 34-strokes. She’s not nervous to play at States or Regionals, as she has been playing golf almost her entire life. She values the sport in her life, and in her family. Fox’s grandfather played golf before he died and, though she never met him, she feels a connection to him through their shared love for the game.

Staff Photo by Abigail Mosher
Allison Burnett takes off with a backswing.

“Whenever I get a really lucky break, or I make a long put, I always think it’s my grandpa looking over me,” Fox said. “He’s like a spirit guide. I feel like he’s there with me.”

Golf means something significant for each of the girls on Wakefield’s women’s golf team. It has allowed them to learn the importance of perseverance and passion. Now the team reflects upon their past season, excited for the next one to bring more fond memories. Fox offers advice for future Wolverine golfers:

“Practice,” said Fox. “You’ve got to expect to go through some ups and downs because golf is like that; it’s not easy. You have to make sure you have a good mentality about it, too. Just power through it and you’ll get there.”