Make some bank


Isabella Petruccione and Paige Schepperley, Co-Editor in Chief and Creative Director

It has long been an issue plaguing generations of students. On top of school work and extracurriculars, students are far too busy to have a job, yet need money for those off-campus runs to cookout and Moe’s. What is a person to do? Making lunch from home takes time and plus it’s nice to get a break from the busy school day to enjoy a delicious fast food treat. Students need money but don’t have any means to attain it. Luckily for them, The Howler has a few ways in mind. We have gathered a list of easy ways for students to Make Some Bank.


Poshmark is an easy-to-use website and app that allows you to sell and shop for items that are slightly used or new. Poshmark makes it easy to get rid of old clothes you no longer need or wear while allowing you to make money as well. The average person only wears about 20 percent of their clothing regularly, why be wasteful when you don’t have to be? Poshmark does take a small percent of the money you make from selling your items, but a plus side to the website, unlike others, it that you don’t have to pay to ship the items you sell. Poshmark makes it very simple to buy and sell clothing.

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is a chain that sells lightly used trendy teen clothing. Unlike other stores, Plato’s Closet buys the clothes from consumers. This is a great way to make a small amount of money for clothing items you no longer wear and it is also a great place to shop for on-trend, inexpensive clothing. The selection process of Plato’s is quite thorough as they do not take all items you try to donate, but rather they only take the items that are in the best condition and are on trend. Nonetheless, Plato’s is a wonderful way to make some money and shop for inexpensive, trendy items.

Car Stickers

Through different websites such as Turo, Wrapify, and AdvertiseOnMyCar you can get paid monthly to have ad stickers on your car. Simply log on to one of the websites we have listed and begin looking into different companies willing to pay you to advertise on your car for them. For a full body car wrap, you can earn up to $500 a month. One might be hesitant to transform their car into a mobile billboard, but the payoff is tremendous.


Depop is a gloriously simple way to make some extra money without even leaving your house to do so. Have some old clothes that don’t fit you anymore? Are they in decent condition? If so, take a few pictures of them and put them up on Depop for any price you think is appropriate, and wait for them to sell. Waiting is the hardest part, but it reaps many benefits when your item is purchased and the money goes straight into your PayPal account. Cha-ching! After you sell an item, simply print out the shipping label that Depop provides via email, place your item in a shipping envelope with the label on it, and send it on its way. You don’t even have to go to the post office– leave the package in your mailbox and the mailman can pick it up for you. Overall, Depop creates a win-win situation, providing you with money for clothing items you probably forgot about a year ago.


Are you 18? Do you have your own means of transportation? If so, you should consider Postmates as a flexible job opportunity for you. Postmates is a food delivery service for restaurants that don’t provide a delivery service in-house, such as Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A. With PostMates you work whenever you feel like it, creating your own personalized schedule that works for you. Within the job, you are required to pick up food from restaurants and deliver them to people’s homes, reaping tips from customers and steady pay from Postmates itself. Postmates provides a genuinely customizable job, perfect for busy high schoolers looking to make some extra cash in their spare time.


Newly developed app ‘Wag’ might just have found you a way to spend time with dogs and make money doing so. Wag’s platform is similar to that of PostMates, making it so dog owners can request a walk and be paired with a “Wag Walker” near them, ready to take their dog on a walk. A 30-minute walk costs $20, and an hour-long walk costs $30. Obviously, a cut of the money goes to the service itself, yet for almost $20 or $30 for an hour of your time puts you far above the purgatory that is minimum wage jobs. If you are a dog lover, this is a fun option to consider.