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The society we will inherit

Teenagers today have the ultimate responsibility of crushing systematic racism

Gabriella Kluch

Gabriella Kluch

Gabriella Klutch, Guest Writer, Junior

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We are the young, the new, and the uprising generation for this America we are inheriting from past generations. We should learn more and educate ourselves about this ever-changing society, as well, regarding its tolerance and acceptance for minorities. As a rather privileged community in Northern Raleigh, we should take advantage of accessible information to defend those who can either not speak for themselves or are victims of oppression in a twisted and corrupt judicial system that punishes poor people of color severely, yet rich white people do the same thing and get away with it. Through this, we can to help advance society and work to eradicate the danger of ignorance in such authoritative positions.

According to the National Foundation of Patriotism, the judicial system’s figurehead, Lady Justice, holds a scale (weights meaning evidence), a sword (the swiftness of justice) and a blindfold.

The blindfold is supposed to represent that justice is blind to religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and nationality.”

However, it’s noticeable to America that justice isn’t blind to those things when determining the guilt and punishment of the charged person. People should receive punishments that fit the crimes regardless of any of the things justice is supposed to be blind to. Unarmed black and brown people are being shot by police in cold blood while armed and dangerous white people having a standoff with police are left ultimately unharmed, such as seen in the Bundy Case.–an old white man who had an armed standoff in Nevada against police. He walked a free man after his trial, which the judge dismissed, according to the Daily Beast. This isn’t a matter of people of color requesting privileges in the judicial system – this is a matter of people of color wanting systematic equality and justice.

The fight for civil rights was never over and continues to be a struggle. In a more advanced and progressive society, our representatives are largely socially conservative and racist. Men like Brock Turner receive three months in jail for raping women, but men like Bernard Noble receive thirteen years for possession of two joints worth of weed (his sentence was just reduced, and he will be serving two more years after six years in jail) according to Huffington Post. Justice is being demanded by people of color, yet many of our representatives turn their ear.

We will be inheriting the civil rights cause and through that, we need real change. We should make a ripple in the judicial system that is tainted by racism. We should demand justice by educating ourselves and through that, we can become intelligent, fair authoritative leaders and accurate representatives of the people of America – ourselves. Judges, politicians, teachers, and so many more jobs are extremely important to change society for the better, to make it more progressive so that future generations will not have to inherit the burden that was placed upon us.

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The society we will inherit