Seniors create lasting memories at Wakefield


Manuela Vega

Seniors celebrate the talent of their peers at the senior talent show.

Manuela Vega, Opinions Editor

This June will be the end and the beginning of an era for the class of 2016. With the close of a high school career comes time to reflect on the experiences that have made up the last four years.

Seniors will remember Football games as the events that made Friday nights electrifying.

“The best part of football games was all the cheering going on and all the people dressing up a certain way—that was fun,” said senior, Kyria Mabiala. “Also, just being with friends and getting excited!”

Further, Mabiala appreciates the spirit that students consistently display.

“Students here take their pride very seriously,” said Mabiala. “They know they’re the wackos, they show team spirit all the times at games, and I’m gonna miss that.”

Senior, Matt Wilkins, also made a point of enjoying the games.

“At the football games, we’re all united,” said Wilkins.

In addition to having Friday nights to look forward to, passionate teachers and engaging styles have stimulated thought and given students the energy required to take on an seven hour school day.

“When I have good teachers, I feel motivated to come, like Bliga for civics,” said senior, Dakota Kappel Knect. “I didn’t particularly like the class, but the way he taught it made me excited to come in and learn what was going to happen the next day.”

Senior, Trent Griffin considers himself to be self driven, but he credits Mrs. Clark for helping students stay on the right track,

“She pushes you to do better [because] she knows that you can do better,” said Griffin. “She also talks to you as a friend. If you come to her after class, she’ll help you and then maybe she’ll talk about how stuff is going in general in your life.  Mrs. Clark is the most impactful teacher that I’ve had here so far.”

However, Griffin will not depend on teachers to propel him to his desired future.

“I want to get my education,” said Griffin. “I want to succeed in life.”

As a member of a club that serves the public, Griffin emphasized the genuine brotherhood that bonded the members of Kappa League during his freshman year. The club continues to help the community.

“In Kappa League, we do different donations, we do activities for the school, and we clean up a little bit in the community,” said Griffin. “We’ve collected food and clothes for the homeless, and we’ve shipped some to other countries that have been in natural disasters.”

Although graduation can be scary because it means relying on oneself, it is paired with a feeling unique to students who have made it this far.

“We get to be free,” said Wilkins.