Seniors continue Powder Puff winning streak

Seniors win Powder Puff game on last second touchdown.


Staff Photo by Cameron Osiecki

Lauren Monroe(Junior), breaks free for a touchdown run during the powderpuff game.

Will Clark, Sports Editor

Wakefield’s annual Powder Puff football game was held Wednesday night, October 7 at Wakefield Stadium. The outcome was closer than years past, with the game coming down to the final drive, allowing the Seniors to beat the Juniors 18-12 on a long touchdown pass to Kirsten Jording with only seconds remaining.

“There were only thirty seconds remaining so we knew we needed a touchdown to win,” said Jording. “I told our QB that I was going long and Amanda put up a great pass. The junior player was able to get tip it but I was able to quickly adjust and make the catch.”

The girls weren’t the only ones having fun as the boys picked up pom poms and tried their hands at cheerleading.

Senior Mark Oakley thought that it was great for the boys to be able to return a favor to the girls.

“We were out there supporting them like they support the guys on the football team on Friday nights,” said Oakley. “It was a lot of fun and it was a great game.”

The cheerleaders were not only performing a favor, they were also performing some sophisticated cheer moves such as a human pyramid.

“We had to do the pyramid at the halftime show,” said Oakley. “Thankfully, Coach Leithead made it easier on us all by assigning us spots on the pyramid so we knew what we were doing.”

Along with the cheerleaders, the players needed to be taught what to do, so varsity football players stepped into coaching roles to teach the girls some basics.

Junior Matt McKay was one of the coaches of the Junior team. The starting quarterback has won close games on the field and knows that Powder Puff games are always competitive, but above all, he wanted the girls to have a good time.

“My biggest job is to make sure that everyone is having fun and that everyone plays,” said McKay. “It’s a popular event because it’s a chance for girls to play football with and against friends.”

Most girls had never played organized football before, so the coaching aspect was a bit difficult.

“My other job is to come up with the plays and assign positions,” said McKay. “All of the girls wanted to be receivers, which couldn’t happen, but we ended up having a pretty good practice before the game.”

As McKay said before, many girls decided to play because it was a fun event with their friends. Such was the case for Senior Katie Gerald and Junior Liliah Ivey.

“I wanted to play because it’s fun and everyone does it,” said Gerald.

“I’m out there to have fun with my friends because none of us are taking it too seriously,” said Ivey. “And because I want a t-shirt.”

Gerald, Jording, and their fellow seniors earned a victory in their final Powder Puff game, while Ivey got her t-shirt and McKay taught the juniors some valuable strategies for their game next year. It is safe to say that the 2015 Powder Puff game was a success.