Destinee Leister

Maya Schindler, Staff Writer

Adjusting to the second semester is a hard thing for all of us. New classes, new teachers, new material and new people. While putting yourself out there to meet fellow classmates can be a challenge, freshman Destinee Leister has accepted that challenge and is not afraid to take it on. 

Leister is a friendly, welcoming and social girl who likes to put herself out there and meet new people. With all her new classes, she is taking it upon herself to meet her classmates and get to know them. 

“I am a people person, so I like to talk to people, help them, and communicate with them,” Leister said. “It brings me a lot of joy.”

Leister also carries that same adventurous and outgoing personality into ice skating and in the dance elective here at the school. Through dance and her mother, she has found confidence in herself when on the stage and dances to her heart’s content. 

“Dance is a good way for me to express myself,” Leister said.