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Stranger Things season four

The long-awaited season four of Stranger Things lived up to all fans’ expectations as the chilling, horror show everyone knows and loves. The season began with the setting hometown of Hawkins, Indiana becoming a prime spot for suspicious, demon-like killings and introduces a new character to the series, Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn. Eddie joined with some of the returning characters such as Eleven, Mike and Will. Even though Eddie Munson has only been on the show for a season, fans fell in love with his quirky, dark yet charming personality and couldn’t get enough. Many residents believe that Eddie is the reason for these killings, but does something more dangerous and evil lie in the center of Hawkins, Indiana that’s responsible for these murders?

Watching Stranger Things means going through an emotional roller coaster with every episode, and season four was no different; with confusing love triangles, violence and even death, this show will leave you on the edge of your feet. 

Fans are already awaiting season five, which the Duffer Brothers stated is the last season of the show, meaning that fans will have to say goodbye to the characters we all know and love, but I guess we will all have to wait for 2023 or 2024.

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