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Baggy clothes

Baggy clothing, a trend that will hopefully last forever, consists of really any piece of clothing you can imagine. Baggy or oversized t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, pants, and jackets, amongst others have risen in popularity. Numerous people can be seen wearing baggy clothing throughout 2022, and previous years, due to the immense amount of comfort they provide and the countless ways to style them. Another great thing about these oversized clothes is that anyone of any age can be seen wearing them. 

The runway is acknowledging baggy clothes with oversized shirts, jeans and jackets being quite popular at the fashion shows of Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. Many celebrities and fashion influencers on social media have also played a key role in baggy clothes becoming trendy. 

If you are searching for a day look in the autumntime, you could style baggy jeans with an oversized burgundy hoodie. Or, if you are looking for a work outfit, you could pair baggy blazer pants with a top of your choice and a blazer. What’s so incredible is that a person can mix and match a variety of different oversized clothing items and put together an outfit that truly depicts them and their own style. There are also endless colors, patterns and designs to choose from and they can be styled with every occurring season. I personally don’t see the trend of baggy clothing going anywhere any time soon; outfits that are fashionable yet comfortable are honestly a win.


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