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If there’s any clothing item that is a staple in the fall season, it is flannels. Flannels first gained popularity in the grunge era in the 1990s, and since then have evolved into something that is worn by anyone and everyone, from middle-aged men to high schoolers. 

Flannel, at its core, is simply a fabric made from either wool or cotton. So what made this simple clothing item reemerge in 2022? Their warmth, softness and their stylish abilities. You can pair it with a jean jacket, a T-shirt or even leather pants. Some even style it with jeans or combat boots. 

However, flannels are not the only 90s trend that have gained popularity in recent years. This fall, “grunge era” outfits were seen everywhere, from flannels and ripped jeans to ankle boots and graphic tees. 

Somehow, flannels have come back, and they’re better than ever. A good thing, too; these shirts are incredibly comfortable.

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