The Voice of Wakefield High School


When I first scrolled upon a dabloon on TikTok, I had absolutely no clue as to what was going on. The video had some funky adventure music, the kind you hear in any fantasy roleplaying game, and a cat with its paw spread out claiming a bowl of soup would cost five dabloons.

One like was all it took for this trend, albeit a mini one, to completely take over my ‘For You’ page. 

Late 2022, anyone on the best side of TikTok had these videos infiltrate their ‘For You’ page, all with the same layout mentioned above. The videos ranged from a wandering merchant animal selling you weapons, a creature offering you refuge from the growing darkness or even a thief, stealing all of the hard-earned dabloons you had accumulated.

This side of TikTok watched as dabloon inflation rose and fell, gaining materials from fellow travelers or fighting off robbers. People ended up with incredible outfits, animals who would help them fight, weapons, potions and even a university degree. Personally, I had a red panda and a ‘Dabloon University’ degree, as well as being in a gang. 

This mini-trend proved one thing about our generation: one meme is all it takes to start a well-rounded society. 

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