The shocking history of a winter classic

Where did snowmen come from?


Have you ever wondered about the history of the snowy classic? Read to find out the surprising history of snowmen.

Have you ever been building a snowman during the chilly winter months and ever wonder how we started this popular activity? Well, snowmen actually have a rich history that goes back a long time. 

Back in the Middle Ages, snowmen were a marvel that were built with great skill and thought. They were easy to create because snow was a free supply that everyone could use to make marvelous sculptures. Some were even created by famous artists, such as Michelangelo who made a snowman in his mansion yard. 

The concept of snowmen made its way to North America because of the Schenectady Massacre of 1690. Soldiers guarding the gates of a Dutch settlement in upstate New York left two snowmen to protect the town while they went and got out of the harsh storm. What they did not know was the French Canadian soldiers and Native Americans were invading the village and they killed 60 people. 

Today, snowmen are a winter staple that is loved and created by people everywhere. This cheery-faced sculpture is the face of winter and is a must-do activity whenever snow hits the ground.