What your favorite halloween candy says about you


Halloween came sooner than expected, which means fun costumes, spooky decorations, and the best part, an assortment of candy. Walking into a grocery store and seeing aisles filled with brightly colored bags of different flavors of fruity suckers and chocolates brings people of all ages extreme excitement. The students of Wakefield participated in a survey where they chose their favorite Halloween candy, and based on those results, I’ve compiled a list based on what those choices say about your personality.

#1 Sour Patch Kids
Coming in at the number one spot for the most liked candy at Wakefield High School is Sour Patch Kids. You are unpredictable, just like the color sour patch you may pull out of the bag, and you tend to go with the flow, open to whatever happens. Your Halloween costume is most likely to be a funny cartoon character because you have a lively personality.

#2 KitKat
Landing in the number two spot is KitKat. If KitKats are your go-to candy you are a kind individual who does not mind sharing with others. However, you do tend to be a perfectionist who loves sticking to a plan. Your Halloween costume is most likely to be a Disney character, specifically a prince or princess because you are a kind, elegant individual.

#3 Reeses
The third favorite candy is the classic peanut butter and chocolate combination, Reese’s. Being a Reese’s enthusiast shows you are brave, confident, and have a strong mindset. Maybe you’re just living by the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ but if so, you are rocking it. Your Halloween costume is likely to be an occupation, for example, a police officer or doctor because as a working member of society because you are not scared to help others.

#4 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar
Fourth place is held by the classic chocolate bar, Hershey’s. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the original, smooth, beautifully wrapped Hershey’s bar. People who favor this candy seem to stay more on the quiet side, which means they are a fantastic listener. I’d expect your Halloween costume to be a consumable item such as a french fry because you are a classy person who enjoys sticking to the basics.

#5 Twizzlers
Finally, at the fifth spot on the survey a long or short red rope that can be pulled apart just like string cheese, Twizzlers. You are optimistic, cheery and you have the tendency to be disappointed by silly things. Your Halloween costume is most likely to be Adam Sandler because you are funny and very supportive of others.

Your favorite candy can say a lot about your personality traits to costume preferences. Regardless of your candy choices, everyone is bound to have a fantastic Halloween this year.