Spencer Nicholas

Among the few juniors graduating early this year is Spencer Nicholas, an aspiring family attorney with the dream of helping kids find their best homes. Next fall, he plans on moving to Greensboro to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he’ll spend the next four years getting a bachelor of arts in psychology before going to graduate school for law. 

“My dad is a big inspiration for me as an individual and just knowing that a lot of people don’t get the same family situation that I do is a large reason that I plan on doing that,” Nicholas said. “Finding the correct custody, the best custody for kids and just making sure they feel safe in their homes is really what I want to be able to give people.”

It’s extremely difficult to go through life, to pursue what you want to pursue, without having a strong role model to support and guide you. Luckily, Nicholas has a person like that in his life: his father. 

“My dad has been very encouraging of everything I have wanted to do. [He] is just a very good leader and a good person, and I strive to be like him,” Nicholas said. “He’s my role model and him telling me that I’m capable of doing this is a lot of the reason I have the confidence in myself to do it.”