Wakefield women’s volleyball is crushing the game


Staff Photo by Max Rubino

Varsity volleyball players huddled together on the court to prepare for their game against South Campbell. Players dominate on the court at home games.

Abby Dykes and Gaby Sciaudone

The 2022-2023 volleyball season has been nothing short of successful for the Lady Wolverines. Their record is 12-5, and they are currently undefeated at home. While some teams would credit this success to key players, these volleyballers attribute their accomplishments to their high work ethic and connectedness. 

Senior Emma Piburn is a right-side setter for the team. Piburn believes that the edge Wakefield has over other local teams is their closeness, stemming from the fact that they have been playing together for such a long time. 

“We’re really tight,” Piburn said. “Most of us on the team have been together for many years, so that makes us connected in a greater way.”

Head Coach Kyle Bayer feels similarly. He believes that the love the players have for one another is undeniable and only improves their performance in games. 

“This team plays like a team,” Bayer said. “There’s a lot of chemistry, a lot of good comradery, and with that, they’re willing to go ahead and play hard on any given day for each other.” 

This is Bayer’s second year as head coach, and he has his own system for keeping players focused and prepared. 

“I try to have them focus on that current game, that current set, that current point. It keeps them in the moment and keeps them focused,” Bayer said. 

The volleyball team varies in both skill level and training. Senior Mikayla Mills, a defensive specialist, attributes this element to their success. 

“I do think we have an advantage over other teams because we have a variety of players from different club teams,” Mills said. “We’re not all from one area, so we have a diversity factor.”

Most of us on the team have been together for many years, so that makes us connected in a greater way.”

— Piburn

Others credit the strong relationship the teammates have formed with one another. 

“I think we’ve been doing so well this year because our team has bonded a lot and we have such good relationships with each other that we play well,” Simone Barlow said. 

Barlow, now a senior, has been a varsity player since freshman year and rarely misses the chance to put the ball away.

“My favorite part of being on the team is the energy between all of us during high-intensity games where we’re all working so hard,” Barlow said. 

With having recently had a four game winning streak, these players are at the top of their game. There is no doubt that the Lady Wolverines are improving this season, and they hope to enhance their skills to exceed all expectations for the rest of their season, specifically at conference games.

“Our conference is tough,” Bayer said. “But so are we. We’re ready to see how we measure up. I’m excited to see how far we get in the conference.”