The Voice of Wakefield High School


Q:  Why do you teach English?

A:  I’ve always been interested in reading and writing. While I’ve tried other fields, like software engineering, that use some of these skills, I’ve liked it much better to have more reliable exposure to both skills and to use creativity in communicating these skills to others.

Q:  How did you get into teaching?

A:  I decided to leave software engineering and focus more squarely on my interests rather than interacting with them every once in a while.

Q:  What´s your educational background?

A:  I changed from software engineering and then got a Master’s and a Ph.D. in English. My focus has been postcolonial and environmental.

Q:  What is one impact you want to make on students?

A:  With my background, I try to promote an appreciation of diversity, particularly in terms of how we think about differences and how different structures [impact] our social experience.

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