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Danielle Kirschner

Asian Culture Club

Interview with Huy Tran and Nhan Tran, club founders

Q:  When are the meetings?

A: We are thinking of the second Wednesday of each month. But the interest meeting will be on September 21.  

Q:  Who can join?

A: I think one of the rules is not to be exclusive, everyone can join.

Q: Who can students get more information from?

A: Joyce Deaton the librarian in the media center. 

Q: What was the inspiration for creating the club?

A:  We wanted to challenge ourselves by making a club where we could teach and have fun at the same time. 

Q:  What part of creating the club has been the most fun?

A:  Easily the research, because seeing all of these culture-related aspects, I think it is very interesting and I think a lot of the members are also gonna be interested.

Q:  What impact do you want the club to have on others?

A: Our plan for the club is to have an environment where people can learn and just chill, and understand learning can be fun. They will be able to just chill there with their friends and bring everyone. Also, learn at the same time, and possibly make new friends while they are there. 

Q: What are you planning to do in the club?

A:  One of our main points is to persuade people to join, and give them the opportunity to learn about new Asian countries. We plan to have prizes for playing kahoots and quizzes.

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