The Voice of Wakefield High School


Q: What’s your job title?

A: I am a school counselor here and I have 10th through 12th graders.

Q: How did you get into counseling?

A: I’ve worked in high schools since 2013 and I was in different positions. But, the latest ones I worked very closely with the counselors. So once I saw what the role was in the job that’s when I was like I’m going to go back to school and get my counseling degree so that I could be a counselor because I knew that I wanted to work with students in some capacity.

Q: What’s your educational background?

A: I did my bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University then went to North Carolina State University for my master’s.

Q: What’s one impact you want to make on your students?

A: The biggest thing is making sure my students know they can come and chat whether it’s positive or negative. I don’t want to just know the bad things, I want to know the good things too; my door is open! Even if there’s nobody else that they feel like they can talk to, they can come and check in with me.

Q: If you weren’t working in a school what would you be doing?

A: I would be an interior designer because I love to decorate and make a room come together. 

Q: What’s your favorite song and why?

A: For right now, because I go through phases, I’d say “Masterpiece” by Jasmine Sullivan.

Q: Lastly, do you have any interests outside of school?

A: Absolutely! I do love music, it’s my thing. I sing and I really like to bake. I don’t necessarily like to eat sweets but I like to see people’s reactions when they eat my sweets. 

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