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The Video Game Club is working to teach students about the fun that emerges from playing video games.

Video Game Club

Answers on behalf of the Video Game Club President Randy McGrath

Q: What is video game club?

A: The video game club is a club all about gaming. We game together, run tournaments and celebrate new games releasing.

Q: What made you want to start this club?

A: I didn’t start this club; a senior named Darius started this club with Mr. Doyle last year, both of whom left last year.

Q: Do you need a sponsor?

A: Any teachers looking to sponsor a club, we are very open.

Q: How do you hope Video Game Club impacts the school?

A: People should join the Video Game Club to celebrate gaming and to have fun with others who like gaming just as much as they do.

Q: How do you join Video Game Club?

A: Joining the Video Game Club is simple, all you really need to do is show up to our meetings, we try to meet every other Friday and join our discord server for updates on meetings.


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