Teachers leave their mark on graduating seniors


Staff Graphic by Jordan McIntyre

The lasting impact of teachers on seniors at Wakefield High School.

Jordan McIntyre, Staff Writer

Students spend half of their childhood surrounded by teachers and peers, influencing their character and personality inside and outside of school. The knowledge given from a teacher to a student is unlimited, and paves the way for the child’s future successes and careers.

Gabriella Romano is a senior on the varsity dance team and is attending UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall. She has been positively influenced by her chemistry teacher, Denise Furr, throughout her high school years.

Her teaching style just truly resonated with me and helped me feel confident about a difficult subject,” Romano said.

Attending a course as rigorous as chemistry can seem grueling when not having the proper assistance. Some subjects require more attention and dedication from the students, and having the right teacher makes all the difference. For Romano, the class was manageable and even fun because of her amazing teacher. 

Denise Furr has been teaching for about 17 years and actively participates in the student’s learning process throughout their high school years.

“I set high expectations for my students but assure them that I am there to help them achieve their goals,” Furr said.

Moving into college can be a big jump from high school, and giving students the proper push they need to succeed is necessary when transitioning to such a competitive world. Educators have standards that they expect students to meet, but that doesn’t mean they have to meet those expectations without their help and guidance.

A good teacher can help you succeed in a class, but a great teacher will teach you ways to succeed for the rest of your life.”

— Weiss

No doubt, Romano will one day be sitting in a chemistry class at UNC remembering something Mrs. Furr once taught her.  

Tristan Weiss is a senior who is also attending UNC in the fall and was influenced by his English teacher, Cheryl Leshnock. 

“A good teacher can help you succeed in a class, but a great teacher will teach you ways to succeed for the rest of your life,” Weiss said. 

Teachers are who introduce new interests in our lives and help us decide what we want to pursue when we grow up. Without their different perspectives and ideas we can’t form our own opinions in the world.

Helen Ransom, a senior and member of the dance team, was inspired by her chemistry teacher, Chelsea George, to go into a science major.

“I learned so much from Ms. George and her teaching got me really interested in science,” Ransom said.

Having to choose a career when coming out of high school can be tough when not knowing your interest, but with people like George the decision can become a little easier.

Teachers are one of the most important people in society and are the ones that set children up for success. The positions that seniors are in are hugely impacted by their educators. They’re able to show wide varieties of occupations and careers to see what best suits each child. Whether your interests are medicine, makeup, football or journalism, teachers are the backbone of what you will do and accomplish in the future. 

“While teaching can be challenging at times, it is such a rewarding career,” Furr stated.“My students inspire me every year with their youthful positivity and bright ideas for how to make our world better.”