Wakefield High School seniors reflect on their final year


Staff Graphic by Nic Cazin

WHS seniors spend the last of their days in high school reflecting back on their final year.

Nic Cazin, Staff Writer

For many people, the 2021-2022 school year felt endless. Luckily, the school year has finally ended and the Wakefield High School seniors are preparing to graduate. This time of year is used for reflection and time to appreciate the memories made in high school. 

For many underclassmen, this is one reason why senior year seems stress-free and fun. Ethan Rose provides some more insight on that idea. 

“[Senior year has] been a lot more collaborative and enhancing as a student, and just an overall better experience [compared to previous years],” Rose said. “Obviously, the schooling is harder but that comes with just evening things out. You work hard in school but you also get to have a better time with your friends.”

Xanixus Moysenko is another senior at Wakefield High School who is reflecting on her final year. As the ITS president, she’s had many memories in theatre this year. 

“[My favorite memory is] when we had juggling tests and we were all really hesitant to do them,” Moysenko said. “Then, at the end of the year, we were all rushing racing each other to go up and juggle because we had gained confidence in ourselves.”

Even with all the collaboration and fun-filled moments with friends, some seniors still feel as if they missed out on a lot of social aspects. Trinitey Gusinat is one of those seniors. 

You work hard in school but you also get to have a better time with your friends.

— Rose

“I feel like I missed out on a lot of high school experiences and growing with everyone else because, with COVID-19 happening, everyone became socially anxious,” Gusinat said.

The social aspect of high school, including pep rallies and football games, wasn’t the only thing ruined for the seniors this year.

“[Because we were online last year,] we definitely missed out on seeing the other seniors do the college application and do senior things,” Eisenberg said. “ I feel like I just was really underprepared because we didn’t see people go through [college applications] before us.”

The class of 2022 has had a historical high school experience. There has been a lot of readjusting with spending their freshman year in person, their sophomore year and half of their junior year online and their senior year back in person. Most people find that coming back to in-person school has been a difficult adjustment.

“Obviously many people were using resources that we wouldn’t have if we were in person, but I really don’t feel like I learned as much,” Brooke Eisenberg, student council president said. 

This class of seniors have had an odd high school experience, but they’ve adjusted well and made it through. After four long years, the class of 2022 is finally graduating and heading off to figure out the rest of their lives.

“[I’ve just been] enjoying the last moments of high school,” Rose said. “It’s been really good.”