The last hoorah

Graduates share plans making the most of their summer break


Caption courtesy of Millie Monahan

The upcoming summer holds an abundance of opportunities for our graduates!

Millie Monahan, Staff Writer

With graduation impending upon the class of 2022, the seniors of Wakefield High School are working hard to solidify their plans for the summer. A few aspire to travel with friends and family to places they’ve never been and others are content to stay home and stock up on homemade meals. Nonetheless, they’re wrapped up in preparation, working to earn money, and some even preparing to take a gap year. With everyone’s schedules filling up with new adventures, it’s interesting to go around and see what this summer will hold for those free from high school.

Maria Hoppough is looking forward to her enrollment in Praxis, a college alternative apprenticeship program. Praxis readies its students in working toward growing a network with businesses around the country and gives them the skills they need to succeed in a business environment. Before beginning the program, Hoppough is looking forward to spending this summer going around in her new car with her friends and hopes to make it back to Topsail, North Carolina, where she grew up.

“I’m planning to stay in Topsail, hang out with my family, maybe get tan,” Hoppough said. “Wherever I can get in my little car, I want to go.”

Wherever I can get in my little car, I want to go.”

— Hoppough

The time is ticking down rapidly to their new lives beyond high school, and many seniors are using this summer to become as prepared as possible for leaving home and other plans they have. While some are filling their Pinterest boards and Amazon carts with dorm room essentials, others are working hard at their jobs to save up. There is definitely something to be said for planning ahead.

Xanixus Moysenko is planning to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She aims to work a lot this summer and visit Greensboro’s campus to become familiar with her new future surroundings.

“I’ll be working for as long as I can, and I’ll be getting ready to move in for a majority of the summer!” Moysenko said.

Summer has so many opportunities to create an abundance of new memories, and while many students feel a looming pressure to make this the real “summer of a lifetime,” others are taking this title as a challenge. Traveling is often a high priority for this time in a young adult’s life, as they can enjoy going places they’ve never been and revisit their favorite spots.

Blake Rose plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in August and is excited to make memories this summer during his travels.

“I’m excited because I’m going to Florida and Disney World,” Rose said. “I just want to have as much fun as possible.”

Seniors often make goals for themselves that they want to achieve before parting ways; whether it be as serious as a personal growth journey, or as simple as trying as many flavors of ice cream as possible. Whatever it is, setting goals for oneself can motivate you to step outside of your comfort zone, which can lead you to new discoveries and interests. Even though the idea of a fresh start somewhere new can be intimidating, the possibilities are endless. There’s always something new to learn and/or do!

I’m planning on having the summer of my life.”

— Crosby

Anastasia Crosby, attending North Carolina State University with a concentration in Business Administration, has big plans for this summer. She has planned a trip to New York City to attend a music festival and hopes to take many trips to the beach with her friends and her girlfriend.

“I’m planning on having the summer of my life,” Crosby said.

So, as this year’s seniors put on their robes and throw their caps, we wish all the best to them. To the seniors, make every day your best. We know you’re going on to do wonderful things, and this summer is going to be one for the books!