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Artwork by Blaise LaCarter

Blaise LaCarter

Blaise LaCarter, junior

What are you most proud of when considering this artwork? 

I’m very proud of the expressive style I could bring to a 3D piece! I think it feels like a 2D piece brought into the real world, which I find pretty cool.


Where do you find inspiration as an artist?

I find inspiration all over the place, but mainly in media like TV shows and movies. I usually gravitate towards more expressive and stylistic artwork, which is what I try to incorporate into my style. 


When did you begin drawing? What made you begin?

I can’t remember exactly when or why, but I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember. Art has just become an integral part of my life to the point where I don’t really question it.


How have you progressed throughout your life as an artist? 

I’ve mainly stayed with the same kind of style throughout my life, leaning towards 2D and cartoony styles, but I feel I’ve improved and advanced in those styles while exploring different mediums like digital art.

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