Harry Styles fans take a look into the singer’s mind, childhood


Photo Adaption by Nic Cazin

Harry Styles, the music sensation and fashion icon, is releasing Harry’s House on May 20th, an album about growing up and change.

Nic Cazin, Staff Writer

When Harry Styles first joined the music industry, he was 16 years old living in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and working at a bakery. Now, he’s 28, the fifth most-streamed artist on Spotify and has stolen the hearts of many. 

On March 23, 2022, the singer announced his newest album, ‘Harry’s House.’ While the general public may have been surprised by this announcement, fans definitely saw it coming. A week before Styles’ announcement, a mysterious Twitter and Instagram with the username You Are Home appeared out of nowhere, tweeting random lines and posting pictures of doors. Fans speculated that this was some fun way to promote an album, and it would seem, as usual, that the Harries – Styles’ fans – were correct in their theories. 

With three months to wait for the album, fans prepared to analyze the promotion, the door photos and the tweets to pass time while they waited for new music. However, it seemed they wouldn’t have to wait that long because five days later on March 28, Styles announced the first single from the album, ‘As It Was.’ 

The track starts with his goddaughter’s voice, angry after he had missed her nightly phone call. Immediately after, it goes into a funky and memorable keyboard piece before starting with the lyrics. Despite the upbeat tone of the music, the lyrics alone will make listeners cry. 

Despite the upbeat tone of the music, the lyrics alone will make listeners cry.

The song brings in the premise of change, and many fans speculate this song is about his childhood. They believe the lyric “Your daddy lives by himself/he just wants to know that you’re well” is about his biological father, who divorced the singer’s mother when Styles was very young. 

Along with the new song, and subsequent music video, the singer created a new website to promote his entire discography. On this website, fans connect their Spotify and furnish a house, which updates every Wednesday, that gets fuller depending on which songs they’ve listened to that week. For example, if ‘Lights Up’ was in your top stream for the week, your house would gain a lamp. 

In the middle of the night on April 28, 2022, Styles tweeted out the tracklist for his album, which consists of 13 songs. Two of the songs on the album include ‘Boyfriends’ and ‘Late Night Talking,’ which the singer debuted live at Coachella. Other songs include ‘Daydreaming,’ ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant,’ ‘Satellite’ and ‘Matilda.’ 

Compared to his past two albums, ‘Harry Styles’ and ‘Fine Line,’ this album is said to be Styles’ most intimate. Based on the first single and the two songs performed live, fans are assuming the rest of the album will have themes of nostalgia, change, self-reflection and growing up too fast. The Harries are excited to learn about the singer’s childhood and to get to know him even more. 

For half of his fans, they’ve been watching this singer grow up. They saw a 16-year-old boy on the British television show, ‘The X Factor,’ join the world’s biggest boy band, break records and make history. Even as a solo artist, Harry Styles continues to do that.

By May 8, the first single off the album, ‘As It Was,’ had spent a total of six weeks at number one on the global Spotify charts. 28 days in, the track broke history by becoming the fastest song by a solo male artist to hit 300 million streams. 

The album cover for ‘Harry’s House,’ coming out May 20. (Photographed by Hanna Moon)

Before ‘As It Was,’ Styles was around number 15 of the most streamed artists on Spotify. Now, he’s climbing the ladder, passing Taylor Swift and becoming the fifth most-streamed artist on the platform with 62 million monthly listeners.

Needless to say, ‘Harry’s House’ is going to be a huge album. Styles has already planned live show dates for the tour, including the Harry Styles: One Night Only performances, which are in New York City on May 20 and London on May 24, as well as multiple streaming parties all over the world just before the album release. His other performances include multiple shows in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Austin and Chicago before finishing his world tour. 

There is a lot of speculation as to why Styles is coming back to America to perform the album after already having wrapped up his North American leg of Harry Styles: Love on Tour. Some theories even include this being his way of getting out of his contract with Columbia Records and jumpstarting his fourth album. 

Regardless of the rumors, Harry Styles fans are ecstatic to only have three days left until they can listen to the newest album since 2019. They’ve been claiming tracks, making theories, listening to and reading all the latest interviews and promoting this album like crazy, not that it needs the help. For this large group of people, May 20, 2022, is going to be a busy and music-filled day.