Vets in Poland try to rescue animals in Ukraine


Staff Graphic by Justin G. Belmonte, Adapted from Canva

Pet owners in Ukraine are being forced to say goodbye to their best friends because of the Russian invasion.

On February 24th, Russia began an invasion of their neighboring country, Ukraine, destroying many civilians´ homes in the country. As a result of this, millions of citizens were forced to flee from Ukraine and seek salvation in other European countries. The people of Ukraine left their country out of fear of being killed and in doing so, abandoned their pets and other animals. Many people around the world are working to rescue these animals that are seeking salvation trapped in Ukraine.

A group of veterinarians in Przemysl, Poland have made it their mission to rescue and save animal refugees that were in Ukraine, working with a no-kill animal shelter called the ADA Foundation. The staff members of the ADA operate in the Polish city due to it being close to the border with Ukraine. They have risked their lives entering Ukraine cities to empty shelters, giving the rescued animals places to stay and offering veterinary services for those injured from bombings that have occurred in the cities.

The ¨Network for Animals¨, a non-governmental, international animal welfare organization dedicated to helping animals around the world, has been helping the ADA with donations. The network is currently raising money to purchase more supplies and materials for the Polish animal shelter to continue their mission of evacuating every animal out of Ukraine and ensuring their safety.

If you want to donate and help more animals in Ukraine, visit the Network for Animals website and click on the donation button.