Committing on the collegiate level

Three student-athletes reflect on their journey

Student athlete, Bella Lowery, signs on to Barton College for Softball.

Justin G Belmonte, Staff Writer

As graduation nears for the school year of 2021-2022, many students have taken different choices in what their futures may be. A few lucky student-athletes around Wakefield High School have managed to gain scholarships to the colleges they want to go to after graduation and begin their successful futures.

Senior Coleman Kraske, who plays for the Wakefield Lacrosse team recently committed to Ohio State.

¨I choose Ohio State because I wanted to play on the biggest stage there is,¨ Kraske said, ¨And it doesn´t get any bigger than Ohio State.¨

Kraske said that Ohio State stood out to him from other schools since they have a separate campus solely dedicated just to athletics, and he looks forward to the home games against rival teams and continuing to be a part of lacrosse.

Senior Katie Wakefield is on the school’s volleyball team and plans to attend UNC Pembroke.

I almost gave up several times going through recruitment as it was very stressful, but I kept going.”

— Wakefield

¨I like the diversity, [the] aspect of the teams’ values, the coaches, campus and everything,¨ Wakefield said, ¨It really was just a great experience when I went on my visit.¨

Wakefield said that the school stood out to her with its biology program being one of the school’s top majors, and she looks forward to meeting new people at her school.

Senior Bella Lowery who plays for the Wakefield Softball team signed o to Barton College.

¨I always loved that school when I was looking for schools,¨ Lowery said, ¨It´s a private school so there is a smaller environment and you get to know the people and teachers instead of public college. The experience will be more personal.¨

Lowery offers guidance to people who want to reach the same opportunities that she has.

¨Work for it and put in the effort,¨ Lowery said, ¨If you really want it then work for it.¨

Wakefield also provides insight for those who also want to go to a college through a sports scholarship.

¨Just keep pushing and keep going,¨ Wakefield said, ¨I almost gave up several times going through recruitment as it was very stressful, but I kept going.¨

These three student-athletes are proof that gaining a sports scholarship is hard work but if you put in the time and effort, you can reach greatness at a good college.

¨I would say pick people´s brains, always ask questions, be opened minded, and always work hard,¨ said Kraske.