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Luca began streaming on Disney+ starting on June 18, 2021.


Pixar movies have always held a special place in my heart. They’re happy, comforting and charming to watch. Disney’s latest Pixar release is a prime example of everything the studio does right. 

“Luca” takes us on a journey through Italy’s shores, taking place in a small town known as Portorosso. Two young mermaid boys, Luca and Alberto, disguise themselves as humans and explore the town. Eventually, they make a friend named Giulia, who ropes them into helping her compete in a local annual race known as the Portorosso cup. 

This simple premise is the foundation of a beautiful story that’ll make you cry, laugh and feel like you’re standing there with the characters. Despite being sea creatures, the viewer feels a special connection with Luca and Alberto because of the way their friendship is so realistic and deep. 

Friendships between two male characters have always been difficult to navigate in media, because unfortunately, many audiences are uncomfortable with closeness between boys, or simply assume the characters are romantically interested in each other. That being said, many members of the LGBT community found comfort in the closeness between the characters and related their own experiences with the characters’ experiences. It’s fantastic how the film touches people so deeply, and how people from different backgrounds are able to relate to the characters and enjoy the story. It’s amazing to see males be close in not only mainstream media but mainstream media targeted at kids. Hopefully, this film is the first of many of its kind, teaching young boys to be open with their feelings and their love for their friends and family. 

Personally, this movie holds a lot of special value to me because the first time my childhood best friend from Texas visited me, we watched this movie together. The movie always makes me tear up around the end because I don’t want to say goodbye to the characters or the story. “Luca” is the perfect film to watch when you’re sad, happy or just want some good old-fashioned Disney comfort.

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