Kingsman: The Secret Service

Jake McCraw, Student Life Editor

In this heroic story director Matthew Vaughan depicts an under privileged young man named Eggsy, whose father was killed in a mission against a terrorist organization. His father was a member of a secret service organization called “The Kingsman” which protects the country without any recognition or praise for their daring missions. The leader of the task force, Harry Hart, feels the death of Eggsy’s father was his fault. In order to compensate for his mistake he gives the Eggsy a chance at becoming a Kingsman.

If action movies are your cup of tea this is the right kind of movie for you. It is gory at parts but in the end it balances out with its corky British humor and comedy relief. The journey Eggsy take during the movie is an inspiration to many underprivileged teens. It is a true fairy tale story told with a modern day twist. Some parts seem realistic almost like a modern day “James Bond” movie, however, Vaughan added in a corny super villain for what seemed like a tribute to an “Austin Powers” movie. This created a perfect balance of comedy and action.

The actor he chose to play this super villain was even better than the role. Samuel L. Jackson really stretched from his normal bad boy super villain to play a geeky pacifist super villain that can’t stand the sight of blood. Not to mention they gave him a lisp, yes they gave Samuel L. Jackson a lisp. Through his large industrious cell phone company he is able to devise a plan to destroy the world. Through his company he created a ringtone that causes everyone listening to it to fight each other. In the end Eggsy saves the day and the super villain is defeated. They even added a girl that Eggsy wins for his good deed as tribute the old action movies.