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Drama Club and International Thespian Society

Drama Club and International Thespian Society

Responses by Paul Orsett, club advisor


How long have you been teaching theatre?

I am a 30+ year career educator, with 21 of those years teaching at Wakefield. I started with teaching band, then, when I got my masters, I made the choice to pursue Theatrical Directing. 


What is your favorite thing about this club?

My favorite part is watching kids get involved and seeing the impact that this club has on these kids. I also love watching what the skills they learn here are being applied to situations outside of this community. 


What is your personal goal for this club?

My goal is to get people involved! I want people to get on stage and do what they love so they have a positive experience they can always remember. I believe that theatre is extremely essential to all of the art forms, and that they are all essential to build lifelong skills and relationships. 


What is Drama Club?

Drama club meets the second Thursday of every month and our goal is to give people a chance to be in the theatre and to get involved. Absolutely anyone can join and everyone is highly encouraged to! This can also help boost them to get into ITS if interested!


What is the International Thespian Society?

ITS is the honors society for Wakefield! When in this club, students can display their dedication and commitment to the craft. This can include actors, technicians, and many of the adults that have been helping with different aspects of our club for years. Students must get 100 hours of committed time to shows at the theatre, and at least a 3.0 GPA to join. If hours are documented, you can be inducted, and then eligible for officer positions!

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