American Sniper


Will Clark, Staff writer

According to “Box Office Mojo”, American Sniper has made $247,637,000 since its December 25, 2014 release. Bradley Cooper’s outstanding performance makes the film’s success no surprise. Cooper perfectly embodies the real life character of Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in US Military history.

The film guides viewers through Kyle’s past, starting back in his childhood and continuing on into his military career. Kyle was given the nickname Legend during his time as a Navy Seal and had a hefty bounty on his head in Iraq due to his 160 confirmed kills. Over the course of four tours of duty, Kyle develops a serious case of PTSD. The film looks into the multiple causes of Kyle’s PTSD such as his first kill, death of close friends, and soldiers he couldn’t save.

American Sniper touches on the delicate subject of what a soldier’s relationship is like with his or her family after returning from war. Captivating the audience with Chris Kyle’s relationship with his family as much as the explosions and gunfire sets American sniper apart from all other typical war movies. American Sniper leaves viewers with a powerful image of war and an entirely new perspective of veterans. Equally powerful is American Sniper’s ability to leave a sold out theater silent once the closing credits start rolling.