Chris’ top 10 coming-of-age movies for this summer

Chris Ottaviano, Sports Editor

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned coming-of-age movie —the ones with teens getting into trouble in high school or on summer break. These movies bring back some nostalgia and make us yearn to create great memories. Here are some of my favorites ranked one through ten.


DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed in this article are fact and any other opinions are wrong.  If you are underage, please view all rated R movies with a guardian.


  1. Eighth Grade (R)- Starting off our list we have a movie that takes the audience through the trials and tribulations of a girl entering high school in the 21st century. This movie tackles self-confidence and relationships in ways that everyone can relate to.


  1. Clueless (PG-13)- Let’s be honest, who didn’t want to live Cher’s life after watching Clueless? [SPOILER ALERT] This movie loses some points because she ends up dating her step brother. I get they’re not related, but it still rubs me the wrong way.


  1. Star Wars (PG)- I know what you’re thinking: “Chris, Star Wars isn’t a coming of age movie. Also, you’re so attractive and smart.” And you’d be right about one of those things, but here’s why you should include it in your summer movie lineup: Luke Skywalker finds himself while fighting bad guys, Leia and Han fall in love and there’s a bunch of sick laser guns. 


  1. The Sandlot (PG)- Nothing says instant classic like kids in the suburbs playing baseball. This movie has one of the best quotes of all time: “Remember, kid. There’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart, kid, and you’ll never go wrong.”


  1. Mean Girls (PG-13)- I’ll admit, the first time I saw this movie I thought it was going to be some lame chick-flick. Boy, was I wrong. This movie is jam-packed with complex character development and great lines.


  1. The Breakfast Club (R)- A group of misfits is forced to spend time with each other in detention. This movie encapsulates the idyllic 80s high school experience.


  1. Bend It Like Beckham (PG-13)- Consider this my sleeper pick. This movie takes on the coming of age story from the angle of a first-generation Indian girl who lives in England. I think this is a pretty interesting diversion from the typical teen movies of the time.


  1. Mid 90s (R)- This A24 film kicks and pushes us (skateboarding pun intended) through the story of a young boy turning into a man during, you guessed it, the mid-90s. I really liked this film and it will pull at your heartstrings for sure.


  1. Superbad (R)- “Muhammed?! Why would it be between that and Muhammed?!” “Have you ever looked into his eyes? It was like the first time I heard the Beatles.” “Sorry! Tiger got out of the cage!” I can recite a scary amount of quotes from this movie.


  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (PG-13)- This movie may be the definition of a classic. John Hughes’ magnum opus is the quintessential high school flick. Charming lead role? Check. Goofy sidekick? Check. Dope Ferrari? Check. Ferris Bueller has it all.


Well, there you have it, folks. Another movie ranking by yours truly. Enjoy kicking back this summer with your family and friends and enjoying these great films!