Indoor soccer thrives during Covid-19


Photo Courtesy of Tina Dennis

The team celebrates after the last game of the season.

Will Dennis, Staff Writer

Since the age of four soccer has been my main passion in life. Once quarantine started my team knew we needed something to keep our minds off of the pandemic and one of the things we gravitate towards was soccer. At the beginning of quarantine, everything was shut down, including athletics such as soccer and football. Now that things are returning to normal, we are proud to say that our soccer team, Team Storm, has officially started playing again. We were thrilled to get that first email saying our team was starting practices again.

Indoor soccer isn’t much different from outdoor soccer except it’s a smaller field and only seven players can play on the field instead of the normal amount of 11. We play at the factory and it’s a very big space so COVID-19 precautions are pretty easy to follow. 

My team went on to be first in our division with a record of 8-1-1. If you know anything about sports you’ll know that that is a really good season, especially for younger players. 

“I scored 20 points this season, and I’m a striker which basically just means I’m the scorer,” my teammate, Weslen Little said. 

When it comes to statistics sometimes it doesn’t really show how good a player actually is because some positions don’t get many statistics.

“I don’t have many stats but I’d say this year was definitely really good for me. I stopped the ball from coming down the field a lot and also helped my team a lot by helping them keep their spirits up,” said Kai Lee, a defense play on my team. Our coach has inspired us so much throughout our time together.

“I couldn’t be happier,” said Coach Stephen Holcomb. “The kids did their absolute best and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.”

Soccer has changed our lives for the better but indoor soccer showed us that we have so many different skills that we never even thought of. Thanks to our other teammates and coaches this is a year of soccer we’ll never forget.