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Avatar TikTok Musical

TikTok has been around since 2016 and year after year new trends have been created because of it, this year musicals were big trends as there were two big ones. Ratatouille and Avatar: the Next Airbender (ATLA). The resurgence of ATLA was was big this year as it got added to Netflix, and people started re-watching to re-experience their childhood, and watch a genuinely good show. It is about a young boy named Aang who gets woken up after 100 years to a big war, he then sets out with the people sho woke him up to try to put an end to it. There was a lot of content on TikTok about ATLA, with many trends being created from it, one of which being songs. Talented people started writing songs about ATLA, and it transformed into people wanting a musical of it. There are around 29 songs, with more being made every day. 

The songs cover a wide variety of topics from a song about Azula, one of the antagonists, growing up, to a peaceful song about Appa, Aang’s sky bison. These people really put their heads together to create something unique, fun, and some genuinely good songs. My personal favorite is called “fight like a girl”. It’s a song that was created after one of the main characters underestimated a group of warriors just because they were girls, then proceeds to lose against them. It’s a very fun and catchy song that has a good meaning to it.

This is the best trend of 2020 as once ATLA became available on Netflix and everyone started watching it, it was fun to see new content created from it by fans. All the songs are very catchy and unique from one another, showcasing people’s talent and scenes from the show, being a bright and fun light to entertain to ignore all the bad about 2020.


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