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The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island

Judd Apatow’s “The King of Staten Island” is designed to elevate the personality and career of Pete Davidson, a 27-year-old comedian. It explains to everyone his life story growing up in Staten Island. When you read the description about this movie your first thoughts would be that it would have many depressing aspects, Apatow wanted this film to be put in the mind of Scott, a 24-year-old played by Pete Davidson.

Scott’s mind works much differently than other people’s. Since he had such a dark past his mind has a darker humor that most people might not like. For example, his friends made a joke about how his dad died and he laughed and thought it was funny when others might be offended, with his trauma he is portrayed as a laidback person and makes this movie very funny in different ways. Growing up with his past made him depressed and suicidal, since this is shown it talks about what to do if you feel this way.

This movie isn’t directed to 9/11 but it does talk about the impact it had on many kids growing up. He talks about how his dad died on 9/11 as a firefighter and how it made him grow as a person. As a man that lives in his mom’s basement, people might judge but when all you have is each other from such a young age you learn that family is forever. I personally think this movie was fantastic. It shows the struggles with growing up with one parent. I wouldn’t say this movie would save lives but it will definitely make you smile.

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