People’s Choice Awards hits the virtual floor

Stephanie Arana, Staff Writer

From movies and tv to music and pop culture, the People’s Choice Awards have pushed through the challenges that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought up. E!’s production team has worked hard to make the audience feel like they are a part of the show by setting up monitors to make it look like the audience is in the arena. They have also made their stars feel safe as they connect with their fans who have been supporting them throughout this messy year. 

The 46th ceremony of the People’s Choice awards was on November 15 at Santa Monica, despite multiple other big events being canceled or postponed like the Olympics. This year’s host, Demi Lovato, started the opening of the ceremony with a quick monologue that also presented the “audience”. The audience was made up of many small screens of people from all over the world tuning in to take part in this award show. Lovato even took a chance to add in a small joke to lighten the mood by saying “everyone’s in the VIP section, virtual in-person” to make the audience feel more involved. 

Lovato wasn’t the only one all about showing off the safety regulations due to the pandemic. Lauren Ash and Brad Goreski, who were commentators throughout the show, posted pictures showcasing their social distancing on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. During awards, the winners in the building walked on stage to accept their own awards and then interacted with some chosen fans that got to ask them a quick question before walking off the stage. The winners who weren’t in the building like the “Outer Banks” cast accepted their awards before the show, sending their love and gratitude to their fans. Lauren and Brad also spoke to individual stars like Sofia Carson and Tiffany Haddish to ask them about their night from a safe distance. 

Although everyone had their doubts on how the night would go, it was still a night to remember with the help of this year’s People’s Choice Icon, Jennifer Lopez, wrapping up the night with a positive message. Lopez said, “I accept this award with great humility and gratitude and with the hope that we can begin to heal as a country and stand united and proud in harmony”.

Even though we are living in a difficult time right now, it won’t stop us from being able to appreciate the people who have made it easier on us by entertaining us and inspiring us to do more.