Cobra Kai, a YouTube special brought to Netflix


Netflix cover for “Cobra Kai”

Watching Cobra Kai really brought me back to the days when I watched The Karate kid with my family as a kid. We would watch it every time my brother or I had a karate tournament. 

Cobra Kai, a YouTube special was created to be fun and interesting to all of the 80s babies. Will Smith, producer of Cobra Kai wanted to bring back the lives of Daniel LaRusso, former champion of the All-Valley Karate Championships, played by Ralph Macchio, and Jonny Lawrence, played by William Zabka, Daniel’s bully and former opponent.

People who grew up loving the LaRussos really had an issue with Cobra Kai. Lawrence is the star of Cobra Kai, in which viewers learn all of his background and how he is living life now. In the beginning, it shows how Lawrence is really struggling in life with depression.

While Lawrence is having a hard time, LaRusso is living his best life with his own car dealerships, a mansion, and a perfect family. But when Jonny Lawrence decides to open Cobra Kai back up, LaRusso has other thoughts in mind.

If you want to watch a serious show, this isn’t the one for you.”

Another interesting way of looking at this show would be thinking there is no antagonist it’s honestly just them going back and forth trying to one-up the other.

This show is really fascinating if you understand the references to the 1984 movie. If you want to watch a serious show, this isn’t the one for you. Will Smith never intended for this show to be serious. He wanted it to be fun and reveal the untold mysteries in the movie. 

Overall I think this show is worth watching. It is kid-appropriate and some parts teens today can relate to and learn from. Including how kids nowadays get bullied and the show provides different ways to deal with these issues. 

I cannot wait to see the ending of this show in January. So go sit down and grab some snacks and enjoy a great show with your family.