LYNDSAY RICHARDSON, World Languages Department

Q: Tell me about your educational background?

A: [Received a] Bachelor of Arts in French with a teaching licensure at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. [Studied a] semester at the University of Savoie Chambury, France, then [received] a Master of Arts in the French language and literature at North Carolina State University.

Q: What do you like to do after school?

A: Yoga, crocheting, reading French books, watching French shows on Netflix, [and] camping/hiking.

Q: What is your advice for students taking your class(es)?

A: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Mistakes are important in the language learning process. Utilize all the cool technology resources we have nowadays such as Duolingo, etc.

Q: What would you say you wish for your students after they leave your class, whether having graduated or just moved on to other classes? For them to be fluent in French or for them to have the passion to continue learning French after high school?

A: My biggest wish is that they have fun learning French and are passionate about learning more outside of my class. In my class, our goals are very practical! We work on reaching attainable, practical language goals such as: being able to introduce ourselves, ordering food, talking about our likes and dislikes, and things that students want to be able to talk about. We talk about these goals and assess how we feel about our skills frequently in my class.

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