DOUGLASS CURRY, Social Studies Department

Q: What do you teach here at Wakefield?

A: I teach 9th-grade world history. 

Q: What made you want to teach world history?

A: I’ve been teaching social studies for about 8 years so when I got hired this was the course that was available, so I just took it. I do have a lot of former students from Wakefield Middle School who are now freshmen so it was kind of a natural fit. 

Q: Were you always teaching at Wakefield Middle and Wakefield High or did you teach anywhere else?

A: I taught at a couple of other places. As a graduate student, I started teaching in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Then I moved here in 2016. I started teaching at Wakefield Middle, did one year at Riverbend Middle, I went back to Wakefield Middle, and now I’m at Wakefield High

Q: Now that we’re doing virtual learning, what does your workday look like?

A: It’s packed from beginning to end. I wake up early, well before school starts, and get my lessons planned out for the day. Then it’s teaching the rest of the day. 

Q: Overall, would you say the switch to virtual learning has been good or bad?

A: For me, I’d say it’s been a good switch. I have a lot more flexibility. I spend a lot more time giving students feedback. It also forces me to think outside the box in many ways that being in the classroom would not have done. For my students it’s been pretty split, some like it and some don’t. Being at home they also have more time to get assignments done.

Q: Do you have any hobbies outside of school?

A: I coach sports here. I coach football, basketball, and track. I have a family. I take care of my two kids. I read a lot and I DJ on the side. 

Q: To finish up, do you have any advice for your students or students in general?

A: Take advantage of being in high school. This is a time in your life where you are exposed to  a lot of different things and you have to begin to decide what path you want to take. But also keep in mind that in all of your exploration, there is nothing that will prepare you for how quickly high school will go by, so be mindful of your opportunities because this time will go by quick.

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