What’s new on Disney Plus?


Graphic by Audrey Delgado

Disney+ features many titles to choose from ranging from original shows to classic movies.

Disney+ launched at the end of last year as a new on-demand streaming service. It is about to announce a variety of new shows in 2020 and 2021. Disney+ has lots of new shows and movies for Marvel fans and family-friendly movies for everyone to sit down and enjoy all together! Starting in March 2020, several older movies are coming to Disney+. 

On March 1st, Doctor Dolittle 2 and Ice Age will be available on Disney+. Doctor Dolittle 2 is a sequel to the first movie about a doctor who can speak to animals. Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox now gives them the right to the Ice Age Franchise, a good family movie to watch. 

On March 4th, Black Panther joins Disney+, one of Marvel’s movies about the backstory of Wakanda and The Black Panther. 

On March 5th, Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories comes to Disney+, another great movie to watch with your family on a Saturday night. 

On March 6th, Finest Hours starring Chris Pines joins the network, telling the true story of the 1952 Coast Guard rescue of the SS Pendleton Crew. 

On March 15th, G-Force will be viewable to the public on Disney+. This movie tells the story of a group of highly trained guinea pigs working for the FBI who embargo on a mission to save the world from a crazy billionaire. 

On March 25th, A Wrinkle In Time comes to the network. This movie tells the story of a young girl who travels across different dimensions to try and find her father.

The Falcon and Winter Soldier premieres later this year. This will be a 6 episode mini-series based on the latest, Avengers Endgame movie. In the fall of 2020, the new show WandaVision will air. WandaVison will be the first female avenger to have a TV series.  

In early 2021, Loki will air on Disney+. Loki will be a mini-series of 6 episodes based off of Thor’s evil brother and his story. 

In early 2021, What If will air on the network, which will contain 23 episodes with all the Marvel Avengers and more. This will be the first animated new Marvel TV show offered on Disney based off of the comic books. 

At the end of 2021, Hawkeye will premiere as a mini 6 episode series based off the backstory of the Avenger, Hawkeye. 

Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk will all premiere on Disney+. Their air dates are still to be determined. 

Disney+ is a fun platform with many entertaining shows to watch- ranging from all the old to never seen before movies. Check out Disney+ now because 2020 and 2021 have plenty to offer!