The Voice of Wakefield High School

Allie Chiu

Egirls / Soft girls

Girls everywhere want to find who they really are and with this new trend, it is bringing us together and showing us different ways to express ourselves. E-girls and soft girls originated from Tik Tok, an online app that takes videos of you being yourself. e-girl is short for emo girl, they typically dress in dark colors and try to look rebellious. They wear chains, big t-shirts, jeans, and many layers. Soft girls have more of a deliberately cutesy, feminine look. They wear calming colors like pink and yellow, plaid skirts and big shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. Soft girls have a heavy layer of blush and mascara while e-girls have black eyeliner and darker eye colors, they are also known to have black lipstick.

 What many people don’t understand is that the teens that change their look don’t change how they act. Garima Chaurasia is one of the biggest soft girls on tiktok, she is known as the “creator of the softgirl”. One of the most famous egirls is Kristen Hancher and she is known as “the creator of Egirl”. These trends going on who knows how people will dress a year from now. I’m a soft girl, what about you?

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